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Indian Culinary Academy's exciting internship abroad program for culinary, bakery, and hotel management students offers an unique opportunity to earn and learn while gaining invaluable international experience in their chosen fields.

During the internship, students will have the chance to work alongside experienced professionals in top-notch culinary and hospitality establishments. This immersive learning experience allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, building their confidence and competence in their respective fields.

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Culinary arts courses provide learners with the opportunity to learn to prepare foods.


Bakery Courses train the students to learn bread, cake, pastries, cholcoate and baking science.


Confectionery art of creating sugar based confections, subtleties​, often with pastillage.


Pastries are baked goods produced to accompany the flavor of the fillings and to provide them with a casing.


Hospitality courses offers more opportunities in the star hotel sector, hospitality and services sector.


Tourism programs trains students to hold managerial positions in hotel and tourism industry.

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Our courses are in general more practical and skills-based than academic degrees.It provides students with courses directly aligned to land a job in a chosen profession.

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