Hotel Management Degree Course

Dual Degree in Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Dual Degree in Hotel, Hospitality, and Tourism Management offered by Indian Culinary Academy, Bangalore is an ideal choice for students who aspire to become future hotel and hospitality managers. The program provides students with quality lab facilities for housekeeping, front office, F&B service, and kitchen, offering a real-world experience of the hotel environment. Additionally, the program provides access to a quality library and computer labs to enhance students' knowledge.

Hospitality Degree - Program Views:

  • Guiding the Learners to pursue Degree in Hotel Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management within three years
  • World Class Curriculum, both theoretical and practical
  • 100% job placement and support at major 5-star category Hotels in India and abroad
  • Paid Internship in India and 25+ countries abroad
  • Methodical training starting from basic foundation and principles of cooking
  • B.Voc. in Hotel Management from Approved by UGC, Govt of India
  • Pathway option to pursue final year BA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management in more than 15+ Universities across 10+ countries abroad.
Course Content
The course aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to hospitality, tourism and business studies. It provides students with a solid grounding in the industry, drawing together the main elements of hotel and catering in one unit and also featuring neglected areas such as brewing, contract catering, time share, caravanning and camping.
The learners will get to know about the critical rules and regulation and procedure to have a proper control over all food and beverage service and production areas. As a manager of a F&B area, the necessary control points are being taught to the students enabling them to think critically and effectively.
Food & Beverage Service enlightens the students with the fundamental knowledge on the service of food and beverage in a hospitality organization. It also focuses on the daily and often required systems, methods, standard operating systems and basic knowledge on F&B operational areas.
Rooms division comprises two of the most important departments in any hotel, Front Office and Housekeeping. Students are trained theoretically and with 100% hands on practical, to learn and know the basic and important procedures of each of the departments. The quality practical labs help the students to learn in a professional way that resembles the actual work area of a five star hotel.
Whether a person is a student or an entrepreneur, communication and personality always plays a vital role in our daily professional life. Here, in ASKIHMCA, we teach the professional communication that is required throughout the student’s career along with developing their personality as a whole to match the standard of hospitality industry.
This unit is to understand the various national and international norms and rules regarding the hotel’s employee and guests.
Hotel Accounting comprises of the basic book keeping, such as accounting concepts & conventions, journal, ledger, subsidiary books, preparation of trial balance, trading profit and loss account, balance sheet with simple adjustments, cost of capital, etc.
Human Resource Management means the acquisition, development, control and maintenance of work force in an organization. Through this unit, the students will get to know different human resource related policies, techniques and how to control, maintain and motivate your employees.
Students learn all about computer in hotel industry, uses of computer in hotel management, the role of computer in hotel management, importance of computer in hotel industry, relevance of computer application in hospitality industry, computer application in hotel industry and various applications of computer in hotels.
Facility Management is an interdisciplinary field primarily devoted to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, such as hospitals, hotels, office complexes, convention centers, etc.
Students will learn the Tourism definition, types and its nature. National and International tourism management and laws related to it.
All students have to undergo a six months of Industrial training in a star hotel arranged by the Institute.

Training Abroad

USA, Germany, France, Mauritius, Singapore

Indian Culinary Academy is providing 'Earn and Learn' option as a viable career option. It provides students with the opportunity to earn a salary while pursuing their culinary education, making it a viable option for those who want to reduce the financial burden of their studies. Training Abroad is an ideal option for culinary training due to its diverse cultural influences and thriving hospitality industry.

Training Abroad
  1. At Indian Culinary Academy I learnt to work with students from other cultures and backgrounds. That broadened my opinions and outlook and has really been useful in Bangalore where I have worked before! Here I met people from right around the world and, in a global industry like hospitality, this is a real advantage.

  • My dream of becoming a Chef has come true after joining the Academy. My chef trainers here taught me lot of cuisines and pastry skills. I would recommend Indian Culinary Academy to everyone who desire to become a chef.