Job Oriented Courses

Courses that get you a Job

India is one of the countries in the world where working age population will be far in excess for another three decades and this is identified as the potential strength of the nation which will boost the national economy to a large extent. Realizing this great potential, Government of India has accepted Skill Development and Vocational Education as the priority plan for the nation building over the next ten Years.

Although the field of Higher Education has progressed in the past two decades, the less regulated area of the education sector i.e. the Vocational Education and Skill Training seems to have lost its importance. Due to this fact, a huge gap occurred between demand and supply across various industries globally.

Vocational, or skills-based, education is becoming more vital today, with lots of employers anticipating new employees with practical skill who could start working immediately after joining the industry.

Job oriented courses are in general more practical and skills-based than academic degrees. Vocational education is primarily non-academic in nature and offers practical training and skills needed to pursue an occupation immediately. It provides students with courses directly aligned to land a job in a chosen profession or a skilled trade.

If you know exactly what you want to do in your career and if it requires practical skills, then vocational education is essential. It could be hospitality, culinary, textile, retail, software development or interior design.

Vocational programs generally provide you with a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma when you graduate. Some vocational courses can also lead into an undergraduate degree or further post-graduate study.

Your course may take just one semester, or many years of skills based learning. Both ways, you will have the practical skills you need for a bright new career when you complete and will obtain a lucrative job too.