Undergraduate Diploma in Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Level 6 Undergraduate Diploma in Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Discover the aims, structure, and contents of our Level 6 Undergraduate Diploma in Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Management. This program focuses on learning outcomes, assessment criteria, and practical guided activities to prepare you for the industry.

Our primary objective is to develop effective managers for the Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Industry/Sector. Successfully completing the Undergraduate Diploma will open doors to further studies or employment opportunities in the industry. By the end of the program, learners will demonstrate the managerial skills needed to thrive as independent managers in the Hotel, Hospitality, and Tourism industry.

Course Content
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Limited Intake

Eligibility: Pass in Level 5 Diploma in Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Level: 6
Duration: 1 Year
Minimum Age: 19 Years
Total Qualification Time: 1200 Hours

Training Abroad

USA, Germany, France, Mauritius, Singapore

Indian Culinary Academy is providing 'Earn and Learn' option as a viable career option. It provides students with the opportunity to earn a salary while pursuing their culinary education, making it a viable option for those who want to reduce the financial burden of their studies. Training Abroad is an ideal option for culinary training due to its diverse cultural influences and thriving hospitality industry.

Training Abroad
  1. At Indian Culinary Academy I learnt to work with students from other cultures and backgrounds. That broadened my opinions and outlook and has really been useful in Bangalore where I have worked before! Here I met people from right around the world and, in a global industry like hospitality, this is a real advantage.

  • My dream of becoming a Chef has come true after joining the Academy. My chef trainers here taught me lot of cuisines and pastry skills. I would recommend Indian Culinary Academy to everyone who desire to become a chef.